Accelerator Pod is all about bringing writers together with the market and “accelerating” projects towards production and distribution.

A Pod is a series of workshops that are open to everyone, no matter what level you are current at in your screen career (emerging or experienced) or where you are located. The Pod’s do take place in Canberra but we have had attendees from Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and regional NSW.  

Whether it be feature film, TV or multi-platform Screen Canberra is developing a suite of Pods that connect writers and content producers with pathways to production and distribution.

In May a big announcement will be made about the 4 films that have been selected to go into Accelerator and the first film that will go into production. Stay tuned!

Become an ACTSIA member and you get 15% off the cost of the course.

No – you can come from anywhere in the country. In Accelerator 2015 we had 47 participants made up of 7 from Melbourne, 7 from Sydney and the rest from the ACT.

The pre-accelerator selection of 9 was made up of 4 from ACT and 5 from outside of the Territory.

And Accelerator and production … good try… announcement has not been made yet!

The answer is yes! If you want to be in the running for Pre Accelerator and beyond, you have do Pod. BUT we have a different process this year.

It is an application process to start with, which will help us ascertain what level you are: e.g. beginner, experienced, professional. If you have experience, and that is evident in your writing sample, we can fast track you through – so not so much face to face. That is if you want to do that.   However you will then miss out on some of the great interaction with industry professionals and Odin’s Eye International and information that will be given out in the sessions. Your call!

We have also introduced an online Script Writing course that runs at the same time – to help you cement your screen writing skills.

For Pod which includes:

  • 10 days of tuition over 5 sessions
  • Online script writing
  • Access to market
  • Lunches and snacks
  • Drinks and networking after final pitch
  • Chances to be accepted into Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator and get the film made.


  • Non-Members: $1350 + GST = $1500
  • ACTSIA Members: $1159.09 + GST = $1275
  • ACTSIA Classic Membership ($90.91) + POD Registration ($1159.09): $1250 + GST = $1375

If you join now your membership (which normally expires on 30/6/16 will carry over until 30/6/17) giving you more than a year of fantastic benefits. If you are an existing Classic ACTSIA Member and did not receive your coupon code please contact us and a code will be issued.

For Pre-accelerator – No cost to the participant

Accelerator – No cost to the participant

It is a different program including access to online script writing modules and workbook downloads.

Last year we were very fortunate to have had the assistance and sponsorship of Screen Australia. This year, we will be on our own.

And we feed you! We feed you well.

Become an ACTSIA member and you get 15% off the cost of the course.

Yes, we can do a direct debit agreement with you to spread the cost of Pod out over 6 months.

If you are travelling from interstate, we have made some deals with local hotels. Let us know and we will give you an info pack.

Information sessions prior to this will take place in Melbourne, Sydney and of course Canberra – depending on need and interest. Other locations as required.

Pod – Canberra and online.

Pre-accelerator – happens mainly in your home town as this is done online, on the phone/skype with one get together in Canberra.

Accelerator – a combination of hometown but mainly in Canberra.

Production and Post Production – In Canberra.

Ideas can come from anywhere, films get produced in the ACT. They don’t have to be set in Canberra (Mars or Tuscany is fine). But they have to be produced here.

Here is the first pass at the schedule – the dates won’t change but we may move some of the content around depending on availability of speakers etc. We like to bring in industry leaders from around the world – either via Skype (hey our budget isn’t that big!) or if they are in the country, to join us for day.