POD is a series of workshops that connect participants with pathways that could lead to production. Accelerator TV POD and FILM POD is all about bringing writers together with the market and “accelerating” projects towards production.

The answer is yes! This year we have adapted the program to be much more interactive, and have opened it up to multiple market representatives. So this means there are more opportunities to get market interest.

Early bird (Until 21 August, 2019) $1,300 incl GST

The Film Distillery is one of the possible production pathways for Accelerator Film POD. They are specifically looking for low budget high-concept genre films. If selected, a project goes through a Pre-Accelerator stage which script development (at no cost to the participant). If the market is still interested, the project goes to Accelerator which is advanced commercialisation to get the project ready for final funding and production (seeking 4 – 6 projects for production annually).

Film Distillery projects can be sent anywhere, but must be produced and post produced in the Canberra region.

The first project completed through The Film Distillery and Accelerator POD, is The Furies

You can absolutely secure your place in Accelerator POD now – Sign-up here

Unfortunately not, Developer TV POD Participants are are also ineligible to pitch their projects.  To fully benefit out of the Developer POD Program your focus will be on your team and assisting them throughout the process.  The Developer POD Program is designed to build and develop your skills to practice as a Script Developer – you will be guided and supported every step of the way by the Screen Canberra Team and facilitator, Karel Segers.

Yes, you can apply for Developer POD.

Yes, you can do a payment plan! Contact Alex (alex@screencanberra.com.au or 6162 5171) for further information about the payment plan for Accelerator POD.

If you are travelling from interstate, we have made some deals with local hotels. Let us know and we will give you an info pack.

POD – Canberra and online.

Pre-accelerator – happens mainly in your home town as this is done online, on the phone/skype with one get together in Canberra.

Accelerator – a combination of hometown but mainly in Canberra.

Production and Post Production – In Canberra.

Accelerator POD Workshop Dates:

2, 3 November 2019
23, 24 November 2019
1, 2 February 2020
27, 28 February 2020