A POD is a series of workshops that are open to everyone, no matter what level you are current at in your screen career (emerging or experienced) or where you are located. Whether it be feature film, TV or multi-platform Screen Canberra is developing a suite of PODs that connect writers and content producers with pathways to production and distribution.
The POD’s do take place in Canberra but we have had attendees from Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and regional NSW.

Accelerator FILM POD is all about bringing writers together with the market and “accelerating” projects towards production and distribution.

The answer is yes! This year we have adapted the program to be much more interactive, and have opened it up to multiple market representatives. So this means there are more opportunities to get market interest. Firstly, through The Film Distillery which is working closely with Odin’s Eye International for low budget smart genre films. Secondly with other sales agents and distributors who will be looking for different types of projects. So more than one bite of the market cherry.

For Pod which includes:
• 10 days of tuition, networking, market introductions and pitching over 4 sessions
• Online script writing via Immersion
• Lunches and snacks
• Drinks and networking after final pitch
• Chances to be picked up The Film Distillery and accepted into Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator and get the film made.

Non-Member: $1500 inc GST
Member: $1275 inc GST (15% discount)
Membership + POD fee: $100 + $1275 = $1375 inc GST (15% discount)

The Film Distillery is one of the possible production pathways for Accelerator Film POD. They are specifically looking for low budget high-concept genre films. If selected, a project goes through a Pre-Accelerator stage which script development (at no cost to the participant). If the market is still interested, the project goes to Accelerator which is advanced commercialisation to get the project ready for final funding and production (seeking 4 – 6 projects for production annually).

Film Distillery projects can be sent anywhere, but must be produced and post produced in the Canberra region.

The first project completed through The Film Distillery and Accelerator POD, is The Furies

THE FURIES, our first film to go through the whole POD process is in the last stages of Post-production, you can find out more information about the project HERE

Two other projects from the 2015 group are ramping up towards production for 2019.

You can absolutely secure your place in Accelerator POD now – Sign-up here

Absolutely, being accepted in the Developer POD Program will mean you can participate in Accelerator POD for FREE! But it is a heavy workload as you will be developing your own project at the same time as the training.

Yes, you can apply for Developer POD.

Yes, we can do a direct debit agreement with you to spread the cost of Pod out over 6 months.

If you are travelling from interstate, we have made some deals with local hotels. Let us know and we will give you an info pack.

POD – Canberra and online.

Pre-accelerator – happens mainly in your home town as this is done online, on the phone/skype with one get together in Canberra.

Accelerator – a combination of hometown but mainly in Canberra.

Production and Post Production – In Canberra.

Ideas can come from anywhere, films get produced in the ACT. They don’t have to be set in Canberra (Mars or Tuscany is fine). But they have to be produced here.

Workshop Dates:
Workshop 1
30 November – 2 December 2018
Workshop 2
February 2019
Workshop 3
March 2019
Workshop 4
April 2019