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Screen Canberra is incredibly excited to announce the revamped Accelerator TV POD program for 2020, which includes more opportunities to develop, pitch and produce your TV Concept!

Accelerator TV POD is designed to bring the market to the front-end of concept development. During POD, emerging writers and producers gain access to leading industry players who will offer insights into audiences and the ongoing impact new technology has on the business model.

The program is facilitated by story developer Karel Segers and supported by Screen Canberra’s experienced staff. Accelerator TV POD is an intense, carefully structured and collaborative experience. It offers participants a unique pathway to generate market-driven concepts and complete a pilot script and series bible within 5 months.

You will learn the basics of how to develop a marketable concept and write a contemporary TV series screenplay.

You will study the work of leading TV screenwriters from the US, UK and Europe.

The program employs a mixture of industry panels, masterclasses, project work, webinars, pitching, feedback sessions and group work. The course has four interconnected learning streams that complement one another for a more complete experience:

  • Accelerator TV POD – A digital program to first develop and pitch a TV project with feedback from industry before seeking market interest/attachment.
  • Industry Panels & Pitch Meetings – An access portal to leading industry professionals to learn about the TV business model – for both Australia/NZ and internationally – and understand how audience and market shape the commercial prospects of a project.
  • Immersion Screenwriting for TV – A self-guided online course that puts participants through a rigorous reading and writing regimen in order to understand writing for Television more intimately.
  • Developer POD – A dedicated program for trainee professional story & script developers who will provide ongoing support to the Accelerator TV POD program.

The POD has been designed to embrace both individuals and teams in the key creative roles of writer, director or producer who want to develop a commercially viable television project. You will use your project to explore development techniques and processes during the workshops and online. Development is about a lot more than the script, and the workshops raise questions about audience, market and financing in addition to key story questions.


Accelerator TV POD is the third incarnation of the program (previously run in 2018 and 2019) and will expand the methodology to achieve outcomes across multiple objectives while being delivered online.

  • Generate commercial television projects through a rigorous development process before pitching to market and seeking industry partners
  • Developer TV POD will provide Canberra with thoroughly trained group of script developers
  • Arm writers, directors and producers with new development strategies that prioritise market input
  • Educate participants on the business models for television, and help participants understand the entire development, finance and distribution cycle
  • Provide multiple pathways for getting projects to market
  • Partnering with production companies from all over Australia


During various exercises in the course you will learn techniques for:

– Developing ideas for TV shows
– Mapping out an act, episode and season
– Writing obsessive characters
– Writing synopsis, treatment and script

Producers, writers and/or directors developing TV projects


Claudia Cooney, a local early-career writer, has been supported by Screen Canberra since the project’s inception.  Through TV POD, Claudia pitched and this led to a partnership with Easy Tiger Productions (DOCTOR DOCTOR, RAKE, SUNSHINE) and Fontaram Productions (FAMILY BUSINESS and ROCHES NOIR) – both pre-eminent producers in their respective territories of Australia and France, who brought a highly experienced writing and creative producer team into the workshops to realise the drama of Claudia’s project to its full potential.

Claudia Cooney said; “The Accelerator POD allowed me to develop the skills and knowledge to craft my idea in a supportive environment and established the relationship with Easy Tiger so I could pitch it.”

Through Screen Canberra, Accelerator TV Pod and Easy Tiger, the project received matched funding which supported the development of the series bible.  Claudia has since gone on to receive further funding as part of the 2019 ACT Screen Arts Fund in partnership with the ACT Government.  This funding saw her work in Paris with a French show runner and writer to develop the series further.  The plan is for the production to be a French/Australian coproduction with the high-value, returnable series to shoot in Canberra, Europe and other parts of Australia.


  • 11 May @ 11:30AM – Accelerator TV POD information session
  • 4 July – POD KICKOFF
  • 11 July – Introduction to TV writing
  • 22 August – Industry Pitching 1 – “Table Pitching”
  • 29 November – Pitch Fest Rehearsals
  • 5 December – PITCH FEST

TV POD 2019 Q&A

Check out the Accelerator TV POD 2019 Q&A video HERE

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