• Fund Opens: Friday 13 September 2019
  • Close: 12pm, Wednesday 6 November 2019
  • Announcement: mid-December 2019
  • Distributed: January 2020
  • Acquitted by February 2021
  • Applicants are limited to ONE application per funding round
  • Artists can be involved in more than one application; however, can only be the applicant for ONE application
  • Applicants need to be a resident of the ACT. Where applicants do not reside in the ACT, their application must strongly demonstrate an ACT-based screen practice
  • Applicants with an overdue/unacquitted artsACT or ACT Screen Arts Fund grant
  • Retrospective activities
  • Graphic novels, commercial videos, advertisements, current affairs, infotainment, sport, educational, magazine style or ‘how to’ programs
  • Screen Canberra reserves the right not to assess applications
    • That do not address the criteria or otherwise comply with the funding requirements.
    • If you have any unacquitted grants, you are not eligible.

Please contact Alex for clarification

Assessment Committee will mark applications against the following criteria:

  • Quality of the activity that seeks funding
  • Benefit to the applicant’s screen practice
  • Appropriateness of the creative team and level of planning
  • Viability of the budget. 
  • A skills-based external assessment committee will assess applications
  • Screen Canberra employees are not assessors or involved in the decision making process
  • The committee’s funding recommendations will be passed to the Minister for the Arts and Cultural Events for agreement
  • If you are unsuccessful, ask for feedback and TRY AGAIN!
    • Please note: Screen Canberra will provide feedback to applicants (Over the phone, no written feedback will be given)