The ACT Region offers native bushland, scenic coastlines, alpine peaks and sweeping rural plains – a region of natural diversity with the modern cityscape of Canberra at its heart.
We would love to work with you to help you realise your next project in Canberra.

The Australian Capital is the ideal place to set your film within the many treasures of the surrounding region. The sapphire blue waters and beaches of the South Coast, the rural tranquillity of Southern Highlands and the highest alpine peaks in the Snowy Mountains are within comfortable driving distance of the city. The region is home to historic townships, unspoilt nature, excellent wineries, world-class arts and crafts and gourmet produce.

Screen Canberra actively encourages commercial filming and endeavours to make the production process as easy as possible in the ACT. We can provide location advice and  assistance with obtaining  access to Territory and Commonwealth controlled locations.

Filmmakers and production companies interested in locations found within the ACT are encouraged to browse through our Location Gallery and to contact the location owner directly to confirm filming permission requirements.

If required we can also provide professional scouting services for an extra charge based on an hourly rate.

For information regarding location services, permits and recommendations; please contact 

For Permits please call; Transport Canberra and City Services or 13 22 81

Requirements for filming in the ACT

General Principles

Most public locations in the ACT have established approval processes in place. Many do not require fees for using their location for filming, unless you require a certain level of services or assistance in relation to the filming activity. However, filmmakers are strongly urged to investigate and seek the appropriate approvals for location filming well in advance of proposed shoot dates, to allow sufficient time to process applications.

  • All location owners will require evidence that the production company has adequate Public Liability Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • The authorities responsible for public locations in the ACT will also generally require a Risk Management Plan to be submitted with the permit application.
  • Filmmakers are reminded that, in carrying out filming activities, they are guests and are expected to behave appropriately.

Special Condition Requirements

Other forms, applications and fees may be required depending upon the nature of your production. These may include one or a number of the following:

  • Contingency Plan
  • Works Approval Application
  • Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Plans / Road Closures
  • ACT Policing
  • Public Consultation and Notification
  • Consultation when filming on Indigenous-authorised areas
  • Financial Bond
  • Permits, Information and Application Forms
  • Temporary Traffic Management Plan Approval Forms
  • Roads ACT’s Special Events Handbook
  • Events on Unleased Territory Land
  • Application to use a public place
  • Criteria for an event in the National Capital