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Daniel Cooke

Position: Video Editor/Camera Operator


Hi there! My name is Daniel Cooke and I'm a keen video editor. My main areas of interest, in the process of media production, are camera operations, animation, and editing. I am particularly interested in editing. I think the best part of editing is the creative challenge. I like being able to create and tell a story, or express an idea, using video and sound. Every edit produces something new, that you control with the way you combine clips, audio, colours, and the tempo you set. I am keen to continue to build on my skills and experience through media production in any capacity.


2011-2014: Bachelor Degree Media Arts and Production / Bachelor Degree Information Technology at the University of Canberra


2018 - Present: Camera Operator/ Post Production Editor at Prime Media Group Canberra

2015: Assistant Production/Video Editor at Raiders TV

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