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Ellen Hodgson

Position: Production Manager, First Assistant Director, Continuity.


Ellen is an Australian-American filmmaker, based in Berlin, Germany, Sydney and Canberra, Australia. Having graduated from the International Film School of Sydney at the end of 2017, the next two years have propelled her into the international film industry, being a part of a Netflix series, creating content for Vogue Australia and working with large international brands in both Australia and Germany.


Academy of Film, Theater and Television. Sydney, Australia. January 2016- December 2017
Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media with an industry focus on Screenwriting, Directing and Producing.


Production manager - Full time. The Pool Collective
Production Assistant - Full time. Snackable TV
Production Assistant - Guerilla films - Wyrmwood TV

Producer / Videographer - Vogue Australia
Director / Producer - Music videos for : Mezko, Betty & Oswald , Phanosland.

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