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Jeffrey Truong

Position: Focus Puller


14 Feature films, 16 Web series and Hundreds of projects.


More than 8000 hrs on set.

Alexa Mini/Amira/SXT+/SR2/SR3, Phantom flex 4K
Red Epic/Weapon/One,Panasonic Varicam 35, Sony F65,F55
Canon C500,C300mk2, Blackmagic URSA & Mini

Scissor/Boom lift-Forklift/Telehandler-Rope Access lvl 1-Open Water Diving-Confined space-Gas testing-Basic Rigging

Working with Vulnerable people card - Aluminium Tig welding and Basic fabrication


All as Focus puller:

Locusts (Feature) DP: Chris Bland - Alexa mini,T1,Pvintage
The Furies (Feature) DP. Gary Richards - Cam Op. Max Mclachlan - Alexa Mini, T1.9,Steadicam
Combination 2 (Feature) DP. Rob Morton - Alexa,T1.9
Liebe (Feature) DP.Don McAlpine ACS ASC - Cam op. Aleksei Vanamois - Varicam 35
The Pretend One (Feature) DP. Rob Morton - Stead op. Jono Tyler - Fs7, T1.3, Handheld
Blue World Order (Feature) DP. Robb Shaw Velzen ACS - C500, Handheld
Salt Bridge (Feature) DP. Miguel Gallagher - Epic
Broke (Feature) DP. Chris Bland - Scarlet, T1.3, Handheld
Crushed (Feature) DP. Sian Bates - Alexa
Red Rabbit Lodge (Feature) DP. Shane Kavanagh - Epic/C500
Me & My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse (Feature) DP. Miguel Gallagher - Epic T2
Locks of love anthology (Anthology Feature) DPs. Robb Shaw Velzen/Steven Moxey/Miguel Gallagher/Adam Lynch
Secret City S1 and S2 (TV series) DP. Mark Wareham ACS - Cam OP Ian Thronburn - Alexa Classic, Up to 100mm T1.9
Mr. Inbetween (TV series) DP. Chris Miles - Alexa Mini, up to 85mm, T2,
All Handheld
For The Love of Bruno (Web series) DP. Shing Fung Cheung - Ursa mini, T1.3
Event Zero (TV series) DP. Tom Gleeson - Weapon (Dragon), Handheld Anamorphic, Up to 100mm
Soul Mates S2 (TV series) DP. Aaron Mclisky Alexa Mini
Home and Away (TV series) DP. Marcus Hides ACS - F500
No Activity S2 (TV series) DP. Judd Overton A7s
Here Come the Habibs S1 (TV series) 2U DP. Matt Temple Amira
The Code S2 (TV series) DP. Bruce Young ACS - Cam Op. Laurie Zaffino - Alexa Plus
Let’s Talk About (Web series) DP. Chris Bland - Epic (Dragon), T1.3
Justice Lease S2 (Web series) DP. Sidat De Silva F800/HVX-202/Z100/A7s/Z3/5D
Furniture Kings(Web series) DP. Glenn Hanns C500 - Stead Op. Jono Tyler, Steadicam
Commercial clients include:
Pepsi, McDonald,Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagon, ASICS, QANTAS-, Destination NSW, Vanuatu Tourism, DJI, Sony, Canon, Samsung, Phillips, Kambrook, Telstra, Optus, TAFE, Comm.Bank, Westpac, ANZ, bons, Menulog, Cambells Soup, Blackmores,Opera house Australia, Glad Wrap etc.

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