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Karla Bogaart

Position: Actor


Karla has appeared in numerous short films and various theatrical productions and is dedicated to bringing the truth to the character she portrays.


Certificate III in Performance at Canberra Academy of Dramatic Arts (CADA)
Meisner master class with Scott Williams - Impulse Theatre Company and ongoing drop in session attendance
Voice lessons (for acting) with Wild Voices
Various theatre workshops for director lead ensemble, movement classes, and voice classes


2016 Raw, Lead, Director: Nyssa Mitchell
2016 Hitman, Lead, Ep. 1, 2 & 3, Director: Ritchie Nicholas
2016 Hospital Birth, Lead, Director: Shane Grieves
2016 Munchhausen’s by Proxy, Lead, Director: Pam Wade
2016 The Office, Lead, Director: Antony Burn
2017 Throsby Project, Support, Director: Ashlee Robinson
2017 Coffee, Support, Director: Daniel Alexander
2017 Kidnapped, Support, Director: Antony Burn
2018 In production, Lead, Director: Tessa Franceschini
2018 Cat's Eyes (Rode Reel), Lead, Director: Danial Alexander
2018 The Day My Net Broke, Support, Director: Alistair Lauro
2018 On That Day, Lead, Director: Shane Marion

2014 Check, Please, Linda, Director: John Concannon (CADA)
2015 Top Girls (excerpt), Marlene, Director: Glenn Braithwaite (CADA)
2016 Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Yorkshire, Director: Rob Defries
2017 Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Papercuts, Director: Kirsty Budding

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