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Linda Chen

Position: Actor


Linda Chen is an actor working predominantly between Canberra and Sydney. She recently starred in Anna Breckon and Nat Randall’s durational film project 'Rear view', a single take, 90 minute long rear projection film piece installed at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art as part of 'The Theatre is Lying' for the inaugural Macfarlane Commissions. Linda has previously worked on other screen projects such as 'The Third Wheel' (Millie Hayes, 2019), which recently won the 'Keep the Vibe Alive' competition held by Quit Victoria and The Melbourne Queer Film Festival. She has also appeared in Missing Time (Judith Peterson, 2018), Goodbye, Alice (Andrew Scott, 2016), Shadow (Tsheten Dorji, 2017), Sojourn to South Lake (Gary Stanford, 2017) and #GameOn (Nik Wansbrough, 2014).

On stage, she has previously starred in productions such as the sold-out and critically acclaimed season of Maura Pierlot's professional playwriting debut 'Fragments' at The Street Theatre; The Inheritance (Budding Theatre, 2017) a new play written by Greg Gould; Sam Shepard’s Buried Child (NUTS, 2017) and Carol Churchill’s Vinegar Tom (COUP: Canberra, 2016). She has also appeared in Oedipus Schmoedipus (POST, 2018), Trumpsformation (Antigone Theatre, 2018), Four Day Oedipus (Aspen Island Theatre, 2015), August, Osage County (Free-Rain Theatre, 2014) and In Loco Parentis at The Street Theatre (2013).

Linda also has extensive experience in the applied theatre space, recently completing an Honours project at the Australian National University on applied theatre practices in fostering cross-cultural communication.


-Canberra Youth Theatre : The Imaginative Body Masterclass Series, Christopher Samuel Carroll
-TAFTA : Casting Workshop, Stevie Ray

-TAFTA : No Acting Allowed, John Orcsik
-The Voice Cafe : Accent and Dialect Training, Lindsey Lawson, courtesy of StarNow and the Voice Cafe

-ImproACT : Intro to Improvisation: Winter Taster Workshop, Nick Byrne

-Canberra Youth Theatre : The Working Actor Masterclass Series, Karen Vickery
-The Street Theatre : Master It: Being and Transforming - Michael Chekhov Technique for the Contemporary Actor, Sinéad Rushe
-The Street Theatre : Master It: Imaginative Directing - Michael Chekhov Technique for the Contemporary Director & Designer, Sinéad Rushe
-National University Theatre Society (NUTS) : Michael Chekhov Acting Workshop, Sinead Rushe
-Australian National University (ANU) : 20th Century American Drama, Dr Rebecca Clode
-Canberra Repertory Society : LX101 - Introduction to Lighting, Chris Ellyard
-The Street Theatre : Master It - Voice Workshops, Dianna Nixon
-The Street Theatre : Master It - Body Workshops, Zsuzsi Soboslay
-The Street Theatre : Master It - Director-Led Ensemble, Karla Conway
-Australian National University (ANU) : Modern European Theatre, Dr Rebecca Clode

-Acting For the Fun of It : An Actor Prepares, 6-week course, Peter Wilkins
-ANU : Post-war European Cinema, Dr Gino Moliterno
-ANU : U.S. Cinema: Hollywood and Beyond, Dr Gino Moliterno
-ANU : Novel into Film, Dr Katherine Mitchell
-Canberra Dance Theatre : Summer Beginner Ballet School, Margaret Taylor and Kylie Hunter

-ANU : Human Communication, Dr Sarbari Bordia and Dr Deshani Ganegoda
-Canberra Repertory Society : Actors' Techniques Workshop, Aarne Neeme OAM
-ANU : Foundations of Drama, Dr Rebecca Clode
-ANU : Introduction to Film, Dr Gino Moliterno

-Narrabundah College : The Actor, Director and The Text, Niki Dudgeon

-Narrabundah College : Introduction to Theatre Arts, Kristina Vrkic

-Bell Shakespeare : Romeo and Juliet Masterclass, Bell Shakespeare Tutors


• ST Host: 'iQ Trivia Night', iQ Trivia, prod. Bill Lockley.
• ST Simulated Patient: 'Clinical Training', ANU Medical School.
• ST Senior Improviser: 'tie: InterAct Interactive Training and Events', tie: InterAct, prod. Greg Thomas.
• ST Ensemble Cast / Various Roles: 'MindBlank Mental Health Awareness Educational Forum Theatre', MindBlank Ltd., dir. Ally Kelly & MindBlank Ensemble.
• ST Actor/Storyteller: 'Tales After Dark: Storytelling for Grownups', AussieWriters, prod. Suzanne Kiraly.

• ST Mila: 'Fragments', The Street Theatre, dir. Shelly Higgs.
• ST Amaya, The Typist: 'We, The People', interactive theatre piece, Museum of Australian Democracy, dir. Cathy Petocz.
• TV Co-star: Upcoming TV series.
• SF Lead (Emily): 'Locked Out', Independent, dir. Shane Marion.
• FF Supporting (Tagalog Mandurugo): 'Searching Malware', Independent, dir. Valeri Lilov.
• ST Performer: 'Love & Desire Exhibition: Love and beauty: Poetry from the Pre-Raphaelites', National Gallery of Australia, dir. Natasha McDonald.
• SF Supporting (Girlfriend): 'The Third Wheel,' Quit Victoria and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, dir. Millie Hayes.

• FF Lead (Stella): 'Rear view', film installation, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, dir. Anna Breckon.
• C Featured: Unreleased Product, Mude Group, dir. Benjamin Develin.
• C Principal (Salewoman): ActewAGL Energy Saving, Co-ordinate, dir. Kate Edwards.
• SF Supporting (Katrina Wilson): Missing Time, Independent, dir. Judith Peterson.
• ST Chorus: 'Oedipus Schmoedipus', Canberra Theatre Centre and Post, dir. Zoë Coombs-Marr and Mish Grigor.
• ST Mrs. Cho: 'Trumpsformation', Antigone Law and Theatre Group, dir. Dorota Gozdecka.

• TV Featured: 'Rake: Season 5', Essential Media, dir. Shannon Murphy.
• ST Gina Essington: 'The Inheritance,' Budding Theatre, dir. Cate Clelland.
• ST Various (also co-writer): 'ANU Women's Revue,' dir. Elizabeth Page & Laura Emerson.
• C Unreleased Commercial.
• ST Simulated Employee: 'Corporate Training,' Upton Martin Consulting.
• ST Halie: 'Buried Child,' National University Theatre Society (NUTS), dir. Kat Carrington.
• O TV Reporter/Presenter: 'Woroni TV,' Woroni.
• C Featured (Young Woman): 'The Entertainment Spot,' Southern Cross Austereo, prod. Belinda Barancewicz.

• FF Principal (Shara Lee): 'Hello Au Revoir,' Zelica Films, dir. Jason Croot.
• SF Lead (Chimi): 'Shadow,' Independent, dir. Tsheten Dorji.
• ST Susan: 'Vinegar Tom,' Coup Collective, dir. Cathy Petocz.
• SF Lead (Alice), also writer: 'Goodbye, Alice,' Independent, dir. Budge de Lepervanche.
• SF Lead (Amy): 'Addict,' Independent, dir. Budge de Lepervanche.
• SF Supporting (Jen): 'Goon Squad,' Independent, dir. Nick Whatman.
• FF Featured (Sydney University Grad 2): 'Joe Cinque's Consolation,' Consolation Productions, dir. Sotiris Dounoukos.
• C Principal (Janice): 'Alzheimer's Australia Carer Practice Training Video,' Spinning Reel Audio Visual, dir. Richard Snashall.
• C Principal: 'National Electoral Education Centre Multimedia Installation,' SRH Communications, dir. Shane Humphreys.
• SF Ensemble (Dancer and Light/Infrared Ray): 'Talk About Hot,' Langano Films, dir. Deborah Kingsland & Nicky Tyndale-Biscoe
• SF Lead (Chun): 'Sojourn,' Short Poppy Productions, dir. Gary Stanford.
• ST Maddie, also co-writer: 'Problematic, or Drunk White Friend,' Writers' Room X at Noted Festival, staged reading of 6-part webseries.
• ST The Maid: 'Maid to Order,' Scissors Paper Pen at Noted Festival, prod. Duncan Felton, staged reading of radio play.
• MV Featured (Love Blind Girl's Friend): 'Dylan Hekimian: Love is Blind,' Vorfreude Pictures, dir. Murray Enders.

• ST The Messenger/Chorus: 'Four Day Oedipus (Rex)', Aspen Island Theatre Company, dir. Katie Cawthorne & Julian Hobba.
• TV Extra (Uni Student): 'The Code: Season 2', Playmaker Media, dir. Shawn Seet. (Uncredited.)
• C Principal (Maeve): 'Job Jumpstart: Maeve's Story,' WildBear Entertainment, dir. Vanessa Gazy.

• ST Johnna Monevata: 'August: Osage County,' Free Rain Theatre Company, dir. Cate Clelland.
Won: 2015 Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Award for Best Production of a Play.
• O Principal (Melissa): 'Cybersmart Kids: #GameOn Episode 3 - Texting Ollie,' Bearcage Productions / Australian
Communications and Media Authority, dir. Nik Wansbrough.
Won: Silver World Medal, New York Festivals Television & Film Award for Best Online Education Program.

• ST Fresher/Chorus: 'In Loco Parentis,' The Street Theatre, dir. Andrew Holmes, world premiere.
Won: 2014 Canberra Critics' Circle Award for Theatre.
• C Principal (Sophie): 'Sophie's ANU Experience: Education Worth Staying For,' Bearcage Productions / The Australian
National University, dir. Nik Wansbrough.
• C Featured: 'Wear a Hat for the BTAA,' Sanguineti Media / Brain Tumour Alliance Australia, dir. Daniel Sanguineti.
• SF Supporting (Annie): 'Deadhorse,' dir. David Trajanoski.

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