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Samantha Lear

Position: Actress/Actor


I am a fun, happy-go-lucky and bubbly person who is active, a mother, and a gamer. (Sounds contradicting doesn't it?)

I have been acting and modelling for over 8 years now and will continue to do both for as long as I can.
I love acting and modelling, its so much fun being able to bring various characters to life, living out different situations, and roles, and then seeing the final product at the end.

I love helping out behind scenes as well, and am no stranger to a bit of labor work if required. I do my own stunts and have had some basic training around that. I do my best on camera and off, listen well, take direction and just enjoy my time on set.


Improvisation course (6months)
Studied Drama throughout highschool
Stunt training (4 months)
Victoria Models Weekend Workshop - Grooming, Deportment and Etiquette (2005)
Summer Holiday Acting course 2007.2008,009 and 2010
Acting Workshop Short course 2014


Open Heart Therapy - Seb Chan and Dan Sanguineti : Date No4
Photoshoot Shoot w Ralph Weitek : Model
Winter Fashion : Model for Byron Carr Photography
The Great Tea-bate : Sarah - Actress
Tea party In the Wild - Rockstar and Royalty : Model, Stylist and Hair Stylist
Pialligo Forrest Photoshoot : Model
Boho fashion in the Garden : Model
Autumn Fashion - published Stell Magazine : Model, HMUA, and stylist
Missing time : Jessica.C
Bollywood Feature Film : Gas Cashier Girl
Balloon Designer Fashion Shoot : Model - Photoshoot
Canberra show - Fashion Show : Catwalk Model
The lady in White - LCA Short Film : Lady in white ghost
Brown Brothers Winery Photoshoot : Model
Winery Wedding Photoshoot : Model
UD Collection Fashion Show : Model

Jack of Spade - Photoshoot : Model
Kerry Sleeman - Lingerie shoot : Model
Kerry Sleeman Maternity Boudoir : Model
RAW Show : Model - Fashion show and photoshoot
Yvonne Photography : Maternity Model - Bath shoot
Jenny Wu - Test Shoot : Model
Steph Morris : Model - Fashion Shoot
Citadel 7 : Lead Female, Antagonists
Contenious Character - Ad : Samantha, Couplle
Moncrieff townhouses Ad : Couple - purchasing house
Trilogy apartments Ad : Female resident
Shandy - Short Film : Love interest actresss
Domestics - Short Film : Lead Female - Wife
Studio Test Photoshoot : Model
The Haunted Lake - Short film : Lead Female
Le title - Short Film : Lead Female - Girlfriend
Neon light photoshoot : Model
Ishoni Photoshoot : Couple Model
Lifestyle Photoshoot : Model
Autumn Vintage Bike shoot - : Model - Published in Ondine Magazine
Baloon Man Short film : News Reporter
Rocksalt Ad : Cafe Customer
murrumbateman winery Ad : Wife

Ciao Magazine Fashion Show : Model
Maternity Bath Shoot : Model
Bespoke Fashion Fundraiser Event : model
Jenny Wu : Maternity Model - Couple shoot
Bridal Shoot : Model
Fitness Promotion -Magazine submission : Model
Beach Fashion Shoot : Model
Sweet Charitea - High tea event : Model
Re-cycled Fashion Show : Catwalk Model - Ciao Magazine
Adversary Anniversary : Magic Girl - Lead female : Filmed by PatheticIndustries
Crafting Heros - Youtube series : Melonie - Lead Female Fighter
Blocking Training - 3 months : Training in correct falling, rolls, punching and reacting for fights
The Last Ride : Lucy - Lead female Demon - Director Philip Meadows

CyberTrust - TVC : Female Couple, extra
Black and Blue : Julie, Lead Female - Director Daniel W. Smith
Face to Face Beauty Comp : Model
Eco Festival Fashion Show : Model - Ciao Magazine
Sweet Charity Tea Fashion Show : Catwalk Model
Next Hair : Hair Model
Get Rick Quicke Scheme : Annie - Lead Female, Director - Lachlan Winks
Blue World Order : Paid Extra - Multiply Roles - director Che baker
Pathetic Industries : Gossip - Lead Female, Director - Lachlan Winks
Vitenje : Model - Catalog shoot, New designs
Matrix HairShow : Hair Model - Matrix Hair Show
RAW Show May : Catwalk Model - MLS Designer
Published - Fashion observer magazine March : Model - Designer Steph tallos
Karma : Lead Female, Steve Herczeg, LCA Short Film
Poem : Jessica, Dev Senda, LCA Short Film
Opposites Attract : Fiona - Tattooist Lead Female - Tropfest Short
CMA Beauty Assignment : Model
Designer Lookbook - New release : Model - Designer Steph tallos
Designer Lookbook : Model - Designer Steph tallos
Female Rebal : Fashion Model - dark/rebal fashion look for Dark Beauty Magazine
Wella Hair Training : Hair Model - modelled for Off london hair salon as part of training
Physco Boyfriend : Annie - Best friend of lead - Directed by Lochlan winks

Black and White : Model - Simple portfolio shoot for Photographer Profile
Short and Sweet : Extra in couple of plays where needed
RAW Showcase : Model - Local MUA and Designer
De lorenzo : Hair model - Beyond blue charity Hair show case event
Loas Community : Model - Loas fashion show
Ciao Magazine - Fashion Show : Fashion Model
ABC - Historical Documentary : Extra - Parliment House
Ladies High Tea -Fashion show : Lingerie Model - Intimo
Bus stop exchange : Drug Dealer - Lochlan Winks - Director
Short Skit : Magical apearing Girl - Short directored by Lachlan Winks
Bunny Girl Short Film : The bunny girl - Director Tobias ridewood
Editorial Ice Queen : Ice queen Model
GHD Show Case : Hair Model
RAW - September : Spartan Model
Sash and Belle Fashion Show : Fashion Model and Stylist
Myer Belconnen : Model for Fashion night
Canberra RAW - July : Designer Model
There is no "O" in marriage : Sara - Lead female "The actress", Michael Hardy - director
Teach Me to Care - Short play : Lucy - New teacher - Director Sebastian Chan
De Lorenzo - Hair Showcase : Model for Sarah Laidlaw
Mind the Gap - Music Video : Lead Female protaginist - Song say you will by mind the gap
De Lorenzo - Hair Showcase : Hair Model
Intimo Showcase : Catwalk model - Lingerie
Haters : Amiee - UC short film Director - Kathleen
CMA - Wizard of Oz : The Lion - Wizard of oz themed photoshoot
Dubbo Bridal Expo : Catwalk model for Intimo and Bridal wear
Cut : Beth - Main Female flirtatious role - Director/Editor Courtney Jonas
Intimo - January Showcase : Catwalk model - Lingerie
Ciao Magazine - BMW Fashion show : Catwalk Model
Assumptions : Mac - Main Thug - Directors/editors Michael Nguyen and Dom Northcott
Between the lines : Stephania - High school Kid - Dorothy Kay Kocsi

Short and Sweet : Sophie - Lead Female - The long haul
Intimo November Conference : Catwalk/Lingerie Model
Bridal Editorial : Model - Photographer Kerry Sleeman
Canberra Wedding Fair - July : Catwalk Model
Canberra Wedding Fair - Feb : Catwalk Model
Feel : Model for a photoshoped background image - Publish in Australian Photography 2014
Army Editorial shoot : Model for an editorial shoot published in local magazine
Ciao Magazine - Spring Fashion Show : Catwalk Model
Dark Road : Paramedic - Director/Editor Lockie McLennan

More is Less : Extra - CIT Project
Something Borrowed : Extra - CIT Short Film Project
Short Plays : Actress - Participated in 2-3 of short plays preformed in a group preformance

Keep it in : Lead Female - Music video for CIT students
Over the River : Sarah - Daughter
Our Nations : Samantha - Sister

Lets be Friends : Samantha - Lead/Best Friend - CIT student short film
Lets Fight! : Voice over - Ava - Pink Fighter - AIE animantion
Short Animation - Rain Forest : Starlight - Voice acting, Fairy. Short made as group assignment

Bega High - Mirror Mask : The "It" Girl - Final year assignment - Drama Class
Bega High - The Big Gig : Hannah - Lead female role - High school Play

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