Screen Canberra provides a range of funding opportunities to support and develop local practitioners and projects. Funding is also available for productions looking to shoot or post produce in the region.

Screen Forever 2017

Screen Canberra is inviting Canberra producers to apply for a registration grant worth up to $1500 to attend the Screen Producers Australia (SPA) Conference in Melbourne from November 14-16.

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ACT Screen Trade Delegation to American Film Market, Los Angeles, USA.

Screen Canberra is seeking Expressions of Interest from ACT producers with feature film projects that are ready to go to market. The delegation model has been very successful with Screen Canberra taking the lead, providing support on logistics, market strategy, networking opportunities and at the market.

EOIs close on 25th August, 2017 at 5pm.

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Screen Production Fund

The Screen Production Fund co-funds the production of high quality feature films, television series and other screen projects from ACT or interstate practitioners undertaken in the ACT. The project must have significant Canberra elements and benefit and are capable of reaching local and international audiences.

In the first instance, please contact Screen Canberra by filling out this short form and you will be contacted shortly.

To find out more about the eligibility and application process please follow the link below.

Please direct all questions to Monica Penders by filling in this form.

ACT Screen Arts Fund

Applications for the ACT Screen Arts Fund 2017 have now closed.

The ACT Screen Arts Fund focuses on developing screen artists – moving successful applicants into new stages of their development. The Fund supports all narrative screen art forms including film, television, documentary, short film, games, apps and digital media. You are able to apply for development, production and mentorships.

The ACT Screen Arts Fund is part of the ACT Arts Fund – Project Funding program, and is administered by Screen Canberra on behalf of artsACT and the ACT Government.

Applications will open in September 2017 for the 2018 calendar year funding.

Trade Connect

Screen Canberra, in partnership with the ACT Government’s Trade Connect program, have held a number of Screen Industry Delegations to international screen markets. Trade Connect matches 50% of eligible travel costs up to a capped amount that changes depending on location.

The delegations are aimed at screen industry professionals who have a slate of market ready commercial projects. The delegations also play an important role in bringing profile to the ACT as a viable national and international production location.

Previous delegations have visited Marche du Film in Cannes, Hong Kong Film Market. The American Film Market and Berlin International Film Market.

Upcoming trade delegations will be announced via social media and newsletters and listed here on the website.

Support is also given to individual Canberra based practitioners or companies to attend individual markets.

Please visit the  Trade Connect Grant Program Website and this website.

Funding Archive

ACT Screen Arts Fund

Zhenshi van der Klooster – Mentoring (Cinematography)

Catherine Prosser – Development Attachment (Princess Pictures)

Vanessa Gazy – 'Bluebelle' (Feature Film)

Andrew Pike – 'Pumphead' (Documentary)

Melanie Calvert – 'The Blue Tier' (TV Series)

Mia Thurgate – 'Race to Rescue' (Documentary)

Georgina Jenkins – Professional Development (The Athena Project)

Christian Doran – 'The Last Time Traveller' (Game Development)

Screen Forever Registration Grant

Paul Bissett

ACT Screen Arts Fund

Lina Silva – Producer Attachment

Vanessa Gazy – 'Erase Us' (Short Film & Script Development)

Georgina Jenkins – Producer Attachment

John Concannon – National Screenwriters Conference (NSC) Attendance

Clare Conroy – 'Fyshwick' (Feature Film)

James Batchelor – 'Deepspace' (Film Installation)

Ian Hart – 'My Brother Ben' (Feature Film)

Alice Taylor – 'The Krewd Party' (Web Series)

Andrew Einspruch & Billie Dean – 'The Return of Arthur' (Feature Film)

Net-Work-Play Registration Grants

Kris Kerehona

Alice Taylor

ACT Screen Arts Fund

Sotiris Dounoukos – ‘Joe Cinque’s Consolation’ (Feature Film)

Deborah Kingsland – ‘Talk about Hot!’ (Documentary)

Vanessa Gazy – ‘Id’ (TV Mini Series)

Liz Lea – ‘Fire/Filmed’ (Short Film)

Simon Cunich – ‘The Undiscovered’ (Documentary)

Christian Doran – ‘Luminous’ & ‘Terror Australis’ (Feature Film)

Megan Watson – ‘Dragon Ladies’ (Documentary)

Hew Sandison & Ashley Charnock – ‘Shift’ (TV Series)

Anthony Shaw – ‘Antarctica – Two Artists’ Vision’ (Documentary)

Julie McKay – ‘Nudes, Taboos and Black Tattoos’ (Feature Film)

Steve Herczeg – ‘Control’ (Feature)

ACT Screen Development Fund

Cubicle Productions – ‘Deep State’ (TV Series)

Paul Bissett – ‘Hoop’ (TV Series)

Simon Cunich – ‘How to be a Man’ (Documentary)

Screencraft – ‘Eww … Gross’ (TV Series)

Joe Kisch – ‘Wolf in the Wardrobe’ (Feature)

Peace Mountain Productions – ‘Dumpling, Tea & Rice’ (Feature)

CAAMA Productions – ‘Desert Dogs’ (Documentary)

SPA Registration Grants

Lina Silva

Joe Kisch

AIDC Registration Grants

Michael Kraaz

Ian Hibberson

ACT Screen Arts Fund

Andrew Pike – ‘Missionaries’ (Documentary)

Clare Young – ‘Unruly Girls’ (Feature Film)

Daniel Sanguineti – ‘Me and my Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse’ (Feature Film)

Humphrey James – ‘Unreal Estate’ (TV Series)

Joe Kisch – ‘Jandamarra’ (Feature Film)

Kris Kerehona – ‘The Centenarians’ (Documentary)

Melanie Calvert – ‘Freycinet’ (Feature Film)

Simon Weaving – Mentorship/Professional Development

Vanessa Gazy – ‘Highway’ (Short Film)

Local Ambassador – CIFF Body of Work

Jimmy Ennett

Harriet Pike

ACT Screen Development Fund

Cindy Li – ‘Aodaliya Gold’ (Feature Film)

Peter Castle – ‘Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire’ (Game)

James Hunter – ‘Maralinga’ (Feature Film)

Clare Young – ‘The Perfect Mother’ (Documentary)

Ian Hart – ‘Dumpling’ (Feature Film)

Michael Fardell – ‘Outback Yum Cha’ (TV Series)

Matched Funding Loans

Bearcage – The Boffin, the Builder and the Bombardier Series 2 (TV Series)

SPAA Registration Grant

Clare Young

Humphrey James

Asian Side of the Doc Travel Grant

Kris Kerehona

AIDC Registration Grants

Kathryn Kelly

Rob Nugent

Tim Maricic

ACT Screen Arts Fund

Robert Nugent – 'Glimpses and Specimens from the Land of the Parrot'

Rebecca Filipczyk – 'Get It Off Your Chest!'

Deborah Kingsland – 'Hanna and the Heifers'

Bruce Davie – 'Scars'

James Batchelor – 'Ersatz'

Matthew Anderson – 'Eighty-Six'

Jimmy Ennett – 'Cult Like Behaviour'

Andrew Einspruch & Billie Dean – 'In Conversation with Cows and Sheep: Wisdom from the Paddock'

By George Studios – 'Flesh & Blood'

Anthology Feature Film Grant Recipients

The Colour Of Friendship – Micael Ortiz

Love For The Taking – Rebecca Filipczyk

Joy Flight – Megan Watson

It’s Not That Simple – Ben Wade/Chris Webb

Scars – Bruce Davie

Good Monster, Bad Monster – Evan Croker

Busker’s Lock – Daniel Lloyd

To My One And Only – Tony Marziano

A Familiar Feeling – Luke Hendrickson

SPAA Conference Attendance

Jun Xiao, Emerging Producers Scheme

Sophie Brown, Emerging Producers Scheme

Ian Lumsden, Emerging Producers Scheme

Development Fund Grant Recipients

Ronin Films – Push! (Feature Length Documentary)

Brianna O’Donohue – Elephant In The Room (Animated TV Series)

Che Baker – KICK (Feature Film)

Evan Crocker – George Lazenby – This Never Happened to the Other Fella (Documentary)

Ian Hart – Looking for Johnny Fong (Documentary)

Kathryn Kelly – A Foot in the Door (Documentary)

Katie Winchester – Witchy Warts (Animated TV Series)

Meg Donnelly – God’s Country (Feature Film)

Bearcage – Avalanche Hunters (TV Series)

Nicky Tyndale Biscoe – A Modern Eduation (Feature Film)

Travel Grant Recipients

Simon Cunich - AIDC Eleanor Gilbert - AIDC Georgina Jenkins - AIDC

Development Fund Grant Recipient

Christian Hauberg - 'Omnivore' (Reality TV Series)

Micael Ortiz - 'Farm Squad' (Animated Children’s TV Series)

Richard Jameson - 'Where are the Warriors' (Feature Film)

Harriet Pike Bearcage (Documentary Slate)

John de Margheriti - 'Takedown'

Sotiris Doukounis - 'Mona Lisa' (Feature Film Script)

James Huntern - 'Maralinga' (Feature Film)

Brendan Sloane - 'Laying with Dogs'(Feature Film)

Julie McKay - 'Nudes, Taboos and Black Tattoos' (Feature Film)

Kris Kerehona - ‘Pastry Perfection’ (TV Series)

Matthew Anderson, writer for the feature film ‘Acoustic #7′

Travel Grant Recipients

Che Baker SPAA

Yve Laffey SPAA

Brianna O’Donohue SPAA

Justene Taylor-Canon SPAA

Project Pod Grant Recipients

Marisa Martin, Geraldine Martin – 'The Della Morte Sisters' (Children's TV Series)

Michael Kraaz - 'The Great Unsigned' (A Hard Rock Documentary)

Lucas Li - 'D’Orks' (iPhone Game)

Phil Selby - 'Seeing Things' (Animated Adult Supernatural TV Series)

Belinda Barancewicz - 'And They’re Off' (Feature Mockumentary RE: Fashions on the Field)

Project Fund Recipients

Tony Oakden - Subversive Games (eLearning Game)

Michael Tear - Bearcage Productions (Documentary Slate)

Clare Young - The Note Book (Independent Documentary Producer)

Christian Doran - TV Series - The Singing Bug (Independent Documentary Producer)

Sotiris Dounoukos - Joe Cinque’s Consolation (Writing)

Belinda Pratten - TV series - Top Dogs (Documentary Producer)

James Hunter - Feature Writer/Director (One of Us)

Travel Grant Recipients

Kris Kerehona AIDC

Helene Walsh AIDC

Marisa Martin SPAA

Project Fund Round 2 Grant Recipients

Mike Jacobsen - 'Urf' (TV Series Development)

Sotiris Dounoukos - 'Irini' (Feature Script Development)

Andrew Scarano - 'Into the Shadows' (Post Production on Documentary)

Liz Weir - 'A Comic Affair' (Post Production)

Robert Nugent - 'Memoirs of a Plague' (Production Funding)

Mike Sweet - 'The Bombing of Darwin' (Production Funding)

Project Fund Round 1 Grant Recipients

Canary Yellow Productions - 'The Dinner Party' (Feature Film)

Bearcage Productions - 'Shock and How to Survive It' (Documentary)

Leanne Bartlett - 'Extreme Office Chair Racing' (Video Game)

That’s A Wrap Productions - 'Resistance' (TV Series)

Liz Weir - 'A Comic Affair' (Documentary)

Travel Grant Recipients

Andrew Einspruch AIDC

Andrew Scarano AIDC

Kath Callow SPAA

Red Jeffrey SPAA