PLI is comprehensive third-party insurance. At no point does it cover people immediately under the production (paid or otherwise).

It is the obligation of the Producer that appropriate insurance is taken out. 

Anyone on a production, paid or not, is seen as an ’employee of production’.

It is the obligation of the Producer to take out a Workers Compensation policy to cover these workers.

Usual processing time is between 48 hours to 5 business days. It is recommended you submit your paperwork as soon as you have confirmed interested parties.

Non-commercial and low-budget productions shot in Australia or New Zealand are offered coverage under Screen Canberra’s policy.

This is short films and short form projects.

You should always read the exclusions that apply to your insurance policy, some of the exclusions are;
– Personal injury to any employee (including freelance and self-employed persons under your control)
– Claims arising from asbestos
– Defamation
– Fines and penalties
– Internet liabilities
– Costs to repair, recall or replacement of defective products
– Drones or aircraft
– Stunts or hazardous activities
– Owned or hired equipment

Under the policy the excess for third-party property damage is $1,000.

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