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It is recommended that you seek specialist insurance advice early on in the process of a film production.

This is a summary only. For definitive information on policy cover, terms and exclusions please refer to the Policy Wording – Sura Annual Film Package.

Name of the Insurer:.

This policy is underwritten by Sura Pty Ltd.
Australian Financial Services Licence No. 238433

The ACT Screen Industry Association is the official name of the insured organisation. Screen Canberra is our trading name.

All Policies expire at the end of each financial year (30th June each year).

Beyond this, each registered production is covered for the days proposed for in the Production Registration form only.

If the dates of production change please inform Screen Canberra immediately.

IMPORTANT: The Public Liability Policy is only valid if your Screen Canberra Membership fees are paid in full and your production details are registered with Screen Canberra.

The Public Liability Insurance options that Screen Canberra offer does not extend to Feature Length Productions.

Please contact SURA if your production falls into this category.

Your Policy commences upon your receipt of your Certificate of Currency from the insurer via Screen Canberra.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the production your application may take from 48 hours to 5 working days to complete.  

You should always read the exclusions that apply to your insurance policy, for instance acts of terrorism are not usually covered. A list of some of the exclusions found in this policy can be viewed below:

  • Personal Injury to any Employee (including Freelance and self-employed persons under your control)
  • Claims arising from asbestos
  • Defamation
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Internet Liabilities
  • Costs of repair, recall or replacement of defective products or works
  • Pollution or contamination unless sudden, unintended or unexpected
  • Professional Liabilities
  • Ownership or use of any aircraft or watercraft exceeding 10 meters.
  • Ownership or use of any motor vehicle where compulsory insurance is required
  • Stunts or Hazardous Activities
  • Owned or hired equipment

Please refer the Policy PDS for full details and definitions in relation to this cover.

Under the policy the excess for third-party property damage is $1000.

If you have any questions with regards to this PLI policy please contact Insuranet at:

Rebecca Hartas

Business Manager

Authorised Representative No: 421461

P: (02) 6202 3000

F: (02) 6202 3011


PO Box 196

Deakin West ACT 2600

Authorised Representative of

Resilium Pty Ltd ABN: 4009808081 – Australian Financial Services Licence No. 232703

Ausure Pty Ltd ABN: 94096971854 – Australian Financial Services Licence No. 238433

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