The ACT Screen Industry Association (ACTSIA) is a not-for-profit membership based organisation that has been formed to support and grow the ACT screen industry.

ACTSIA specifically;

- Delivers the ScreenACT initiative on behalf of the ACT Government.
- Represents the interests and concerns of its members at a local and national level.
- Offers services such as low cost public liability insurance, free legal advice and discounts.

Taking into consideration the collaborative nature of the screen industry and the importance of working with colleagues in other states and territories, ACTSIA has opened its services to non-ACT practitioners.

“You don’t have to be from the ACT to be a member and as such filmmakers from all around the country have signed up particularly for the low cost public liability insurance we offer our members”, says Monica Penders, CEO ACTSIA.

ACTSIA itself is governed by a skills based board whose members include a mixture of local and interstate industry professionals:-

- Scott Chamberlain, Chamberlains Law is the Chairman and based in the ACT. Scott has been a huge supporter of the local screen industry over the past 3 years.
- Tania Chambers, ex CEO of Screen NSW and Screen West who is an experienced producer based in Western Australia and has just completed her next project “Kill Me Three Times” directed by Red Dog’s Kriv Stenders and starring Simon Pegg. Tania is based in Perth.
- John L Simpson, Titan View Distribution. Titan View was awarded Enterprise Funding from Screen Australia for innovative distribution and has been involved in a number of ScreenACT’s development initiatives as an industry advisor. John is based in Sydney.
- Michael Tear, CEO of Wildbear (interim board member). Michael helms one of the largest factual companies in Australia, recently merging his company Bear Cage with Wild Fury in Queensland. Michael is based in the ACT.
- John Frohlich, (interim board member) Educator and independent film producer. John recently retired from Canberra Institute of Technology where he headed up the media and music department.

The board is in the process of appointing a board member who has strong financial and accounting skills.

Penders said, “To have such a broad range of industry expertise and with board members from outside the ACT is fantastic. This level of support is indicative of our growing local industry”.

For more information please contact Monica Penders, CEO on +61 2 61625172