The ACT Screen Industry Association (ACTSIA), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the support and growth of the ACT screen industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its first Diploma course.

ACTSIA’s Diploma of Commercial Screen Writing is a year-long part time course aimed at writers who want to break into the film industry. “This course focuses on writing material that has a commercial outcome. We partner with international sales agents and distributors so that writers are seeing first hand how the market reacts to their work”, says Monica Penders, ACTSIA CEO.

The core course is based in part on the successful “Accelerator Pod” model of training that ACTSIA delivered last year. Over 40 participants ranging from college students to writers with international agents from the ACT, NSW and VIC took part in the course “Pod” which focused on low budget feature development with a market focus.

The group was narrowed down to 9 finalists for advanced script development “Pre Accelerator”, and 4 will be receiving advanced commercialisation support “Accelerator” – everything needed to attract the final piece of funding to complete their budget. One project is now in preproduction, with the final three soon to be announced.

Based on this process, the Diploma has several key modules – an enchanced Pod experience (which concentrates on concept generation with a market focus) and Commercialisation Ready (which provides advanced script writing, preliminary budgets and further market interaction). Course delivery is a mixture of face-to-face, online and self-directed activity supported by current national industry professionals with training qualifications. Students will also be in the running to be selected for Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator alongside the Pod participants.

“This is a very unique offering – it is not just about writing a good yarn. It is crucial to understand the implications of market forces on the probability of your project getting onto screens, and you getting that all important writing credit”, says Penders. “If you want more support and feedback, want to walk out with a solid piece of work, strong market understanding and contacts, a chance of getting your project produced, in addition to a qualification – this diploma is for you”.

The course is applicants of all levels of experience and from around the country. The Diploma starts on June 24th in Canberra. For more information please visit

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The ACT Screen Industry Association (ACTSIA) is a membership-based not-for-profit organisation that supports the ACT screen industry.

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