The Code leaves TV viewers wanting more

Clare Colley



The series is wrapped, the verdict is in, and if the social media buzz is anything to go by – a second series of the ABC’s Canberra-plugging thriller The Code would be a sure-fire hit.

The six-part drama finished on Sunday night and viewers took to social media to compliment the “impressive” yet “disturbing” show and call for a second series following the political conspiracy that engulfs two brothers – a journalist and a computer hacker.
But those sitting on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting more Canberra panoramas may have to cool their heels with an ABC spokeswoman saying a decision was yet to be made on a second series.

It wasn’t just Aussie TV watchers who heaped praise on the series.
The drama has also received positive vibes from the UK since it began airing on BBC Four on October 11 – just weeks behind its September 21 debut in Australia where it attracted 771,000 viewers easily overtaking Nine’s reality series Big Brother.

Several UK Twitter users thanked the BBC for airing its “excellent acquisition” and described being “hooked” on the show from the start.

Reviews from TV critics here and abroad have also been encouraging for the series.

But not all accounts were totally glowing, with some Twitter users pointing out inaccuracies in the Canberra setting and others calling elements of the show cliche.
The Herald of Scotland TV critic Julie McDowall said the show went “completely overboard” with its “unnecessary” graphics overlaid on screen – a sentiment shared by some on social media noting the similarities to UK drama series Sherlock.

“Here comes Australian TV trying to elbow its way into being taken seriously, so they’re showing off their technical wizardry, not knowing this has been done to death already,” she wrote.

But overall she was positive about the show while noting it was “a thousand miles from Ramsay Street” and the Australia UK TV viewers were used to watching.

“Relax, Australia. You don’t need to show off. The Code is good enough,” she said.