Trade Delegation targets Canberra’s place on the big screen


The ACT Government Screen Industry Trade Delegation is underlining the Territory’s commitment to providing local businesses with global opportunities.
Aimed at screen industry professionals who have a slate of market ready commercial projects, Delegation is paving the way for business whilst raising the profile of the ACT as an international production location.

Screen industry professionals provided with the Trade Mission grant have the opportunity to travel overseas to seek potential co-producers and co-financing partners, while building relationship with other screen companies.

In 2015 local companies SilverSun Pictures, JIA Films, Peace Mountain Productions, Fillearth and Kreiworks will join Screen ACT travelling to the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market to pitch their films.

Victor Willis from Screen ACT believes that this is a great way to better understand the TV and Film industry, but also to gain recognition for Canberra as a city.

“Canberra, as the capital city, definitely has a competitive advantage in an international scope, a lot of the films are filmed here in Canberra and that’s a great way to showcase us as a city.”

The program began in 2013 when a group of 10 members went to Cannes in France. Being the first of the trade missions for the screen industry, it was a huge eye opener for the members, but also for Screen ACT.

“The first trip to France went very well; everyone was supportive of each other and everyone stayed in the same location which made it easy to bond with other members”

The two previous trips, France in 2013 and Berlin in 2014, have paved the way for another successful industry trip with a lot of the participants films are finished, or market ready.

“A lot of the films are market ready projects that are ready to be launched to international filmmakers. By pitching to the international industry it provides the chance to gain finance and recognition for the project.”

This mission is providing Canberra businesses with the opportunity to enter the international trade industry and build vital relationships that can potentially become partnerships.

The ACT Screen Industry trade delegation will be an ongoing trade mission. The film industry is forever changing and evolving and Screen ACT already has Toronto 2016 in their sights for the next mission as Canberra continues to position itself on the world stage.