Disney star Debby Ryan has shot an Aussie coming-of-age film called Rip Tide in Kiama

Jonathon Moran



DEBBY Ryan credits Australia for playing a part in her transition from Disney teen star to Hollywood actor.

Having starred in TV series Jessie from 2011-15, the now 24-year-old is making a name for herself as an adult actor.

She shot Aussie coming-of-age film Rip Tide in Kiama on the South Coast at the end of last year, a few months after pleading guilty to misdemeanour charges over a DUI felony.
“Being in Australia, there was so much more freedom,” Ryan told Confidential.

“(In the US) there was so much entitlement that I experienced to the point where it just scared me to leave the house and in Australia I had such freedom.

“Whether that (freedom) was the people or the fact I was in more isolated places, I was so out of context, wearing no make-up and my hair was bleached and falling out.

“I’d go for a surf at lunch and be hanging out with the crew and the cast there, I think it really gave time to my development and evolution, just having a little bit of space and being so far away.”
Ryan, who has 7.5 million Instagram followers, spoke to Confidential from Los Angeles to announce the release of Rip Tide’s trailer ahead of its September cinematic release.

She recently featured on Rolling Stones’ 25 Under 25 list of musicians, activists and actors changing the world and will soon be seen on the big screen with Melissa McCarthy in Life Of The Party. She will also star in Netflix series Insatiable.

Rip Tide tells the story of teenage model, Cora (Ryan), who is sent to Australia to spend time with her aunt after an embarrassing video goes viral back home in the States.
Aussie actor Andrew Creer plays love interest, Tom.

“Not only playing someone who is finding herself, figuring out who you are, I was doing that at the same time Cora was,” she said of the film.

“The culture (in Australia) with celebrity and fame is so different — people would say something and then go about their business.

“There was no screaming or grabbing or talking crap on the internet because I said hi but didn’t take a picture or I took a picture but I didn’t sign something or I signed something but I didn’t do a video.”