'Silversun Pictures' - Tide Turning For Local Production Company


Rip Tide, to be released in Canberra at Capital Manuka from 14 September, was a ripper of a project for this local company—a $3 million plus film making it big in Australia and internationally with a mega 100+ screen release. One of the main actors is Canberra born-and-bred Andrew Creer.
All too often, post production projects land in the laps of companies in Melbourne and Sydney, because of that oh-so-boring assumption that Canberra doesn’t have what it takes. But not this time. With Rip Tide, SilverSun Pictures shines on the credits list.

‘We handled complete post production services—everything that happens after the camera stops rolling until the film hits the screen,’ says Rohan Taylor, SilverSun’s Producer/Director and Re-recording Mixer for Rip Tide. ‘And it was all managed from right here at our purpose-built facilities in Watson.’

SilverSun’s role involved taking all media from cameras and managing edits and quality control while shooting took place so everything came together with the highest quality demanded for cinema.

‘We were on set from the first day of shooting in Kiama, with an editor and assistant, editing while the footage was being filmed given the short turnaround for the film,’ says SilverSun’s Managing Director and Post Production Supervisor for Rip Tide, Andrew Marriott.

This is seventh feature film SilverSun has worked on, and the largest yet. Other films include Locks of Love, Dinner Party, Hobby Farm and Saltbridge.
SilverSun Pictures was selected by The Steve Jaggi Company in Sydney to be part of the team producing Rip Tide. Steve says there’s no two ways about it, SilverSun’s work is on par with the standards of the best post production houses in Australia.
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One major challenge was the tight time frame, with shooting starting in November 2016 and the film being delivered in May 2017. ‘It’s the shortest turnaround of any major film project we’ve worked on,’ says Greg Evans, SilverSun’s Senior Editor and Colourist.

Another challenge was that The Steve Jaggi Company is based in Sydney. To save travel time and keep the project rolling, SilverSun set up an editing and grading village in Sydney so the crew there could see what was happening in real time in Canberra with post production.

SilverSun services included editing, grading, providing all data and colour management and setting up the edit village. Expert sound design and dialogue editing were major requirements given a lot of footage was filmed out on the water and so shot mute.

The A-team at SilverSun loves film work but are also known for visual story telling in other forms. The company has more than 22 years of experience in producing documentaries, television shows, advertisements, corporate videos and animation for clients locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The ACT Government invested production funds into the film, helping to employ dozens of Canberrans in cast and crew positions as part of its commitment to growing the screen sector with support of Screen Canberra.