'Rip Tide' - More To This Acting Career Than Just Being 'Hot'


ANDREW Creer doesn’t want to be known as “just the hot guy”.

With his model looks, the handsome 24-year-old plays the romantic lead alongside Disney starlet Debby Ryan in coming-of-age film Rip Tide, which opens on September 14.

“My love for acting goes a bit deeper than just playing that sort of character,” Creer told Confidential.

“It is more about how can you bring life to any character, rather than playing the hot guy. Yes, I did have my shirt off at one point. But even if it is playing the hot guy, acting is about bringing him to life in a unique way.”

Creer, who is a Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduate, like Hugh Jackman before him, is quickly making a name for himself in Hollywood.

He is already shooting his first big project there, a reboot of the Lethal Weapon films as a TV series with Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford.

“It is my first big studio production,” said Creer, whose acting credits include Barracuda and Tomorrow When The War Began.

“To get a job filming in LA is very rare these days because a lot is filmed in Vancouver and elsewhere, so it has all been a blessing.

“That said, I’d go anywhere for the work. It is very humbling being a part of this world.”