What is Screen Canberra?

Screen Canberra is managed by the ACT Screen Industry Association (ACTSIA).  ACTSIA is a not-for-profit membership based organisation that is governed by a board of highly diverse and influential people in the Australian Film Industry.

ACTSIA has many important roles in the Screen Community;

  • ACTSIA delivers the Screen Canberra program on behalf of the ACT Government.
  • ACTSIA supports the growth of the ACT screen industry through development, opportunities and providing a voice for the local screen community.

We are aiming to build a stronger ACT Screen Industry. Let us know how we can help you.

To find out more about us, visit our About Us page.

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We just had the best Expo last night! And we hope you all took a great deal of knowledge home with you!
Remember, if you have any questions, our doors are always open 🤩


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Thank you for putting this on. Had a blast networking (and the beers ;) and snacks- its like you know the way to a filmmakers heart) great to see a couple of actors who we have seen at film auditions recently. Loved Victors speech and Alex's fun vibe and the lovely CEO herself. We kept meeting over the blue cheese. She is incredible. We are honoured to have her spearhead the future of screen Canberra. Incredible team. I was also so overwhelmed by the amazing man that is Dan Sanguineti. His heart to help others around him and his creative and intelligence makes me honoured to know this legend... Others I met last we lovely. Creative and smart. Certainly exceeds anything that was the act filmmakers network (showing my age lol) so lovely seeing Justine. What a great role locations manager. Was incredible working with her back in 2002 on Strange James. She is amazing and recommend her 100%! After being involved with film in Canberra for years then going to Swinburne film school in Melbourne. After a few years away I really feel the team at Screen Canberra is incredible and look forward to working with you in the future. A few of us last night agres a hirable studio will put us better than the other studios for us locals and even our interstate friends to us on productions. To compete with fox, docklands and gold coast. Just a small one ;) 5-7 soundstages with hotel for international and interstate visitors. Years ago on Strange James we put John fox the armourer up in a hotel with gift baskets etc it worked well.... But I feel if we start putting the money away. We can have a studio/hotel that will generate profit and turnover (not to mention the unit for all studios) honestly we would be the best in the country. It will ensure we can keep all our film and television projects in ACT. Much love. You guys are amazing xo

A good night, thank you. I enjoyed the friendly feel to it all and meeting interesting and lovely people.

The man, the legend... (drum roll) Dan Sanguineti! 😎

Looks cold haha. Sorry to have missed it :)

Thank you for your great Expo. Sorry I only got to hear the last 5 or 10 minutes of it. I left the shopping mall at 5.30pm to get to your Expo on time if not early, a car crash stopped the traffic for an hour with police, ambulance and fire truck, finally someone grew a brain and drove through the emergency lane to bypass the crash. Shame they didn’t think of it an hour earlier so that I could arrive on time. Still waiting for the PowerPoint I was promised so that I can catch up on everything I missed through no fault of my own.

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Got a chance to see Rotface in the.... flesh... during the shoot in April.
Truly terrifying


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Ok, who took my photo when I was simply going to Woolies?

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